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Bianca Jagger is a style icon.

I vividly remember the day I came across this image. My initial reaction: wow, this woman is on fire! And then; who is she!?

Bianca Jagger with daughter Jade Jagger

Without further ado; Meet Bianca, actress/ model- formerly married to rockstar Mick Jagger, best friend of the legendary Andy Warhol before he passed and muse to fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s. The Nicaraguan beauty became actively involved in social and human rights advocacy in the 80s, founded her own human rights foundation and still serves as a GoodWill Ambassador even today (at 69!).

During her more youthful days she was a reputed jet setting party girl with impeccable style. Queen of men's wear, particularly slaying the oversized blazer look; she has become an inspiration to just about every acclaimed fashion enthusiast today.


On her wedding day she abandoned the blasé white gown for a custom design Yves Saint Laurent suit, and needless to say, was clean as a whistle and flawless as a bride should be on her special day.

Newly wed to The Rollingstone's front man Mick Jagger in 1971

Even with this fondness of suits Bianca Jagger was still an absolute sex kitten. On those nights she  painted the town red- like the wild nights at Studio 54- her 'va va voom' ensembles with unapologetic- deeply plunged necklines were the giveaway as to how she managed to bag a bad boy like Mick.


Bianca with Yves Saint Laurent
Decades later, her fiercely tailored suits and effortless elegance are still awing. Bianca Jagger is a classic example of what SWANK truly means; ritzy and striking but most of all cutting-edge style.

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