Noir(nia): How To Pull off An All Black Look

by - August 20, 2014

All black looks are truly a saving grace on those days you have nothing to wear, especially when you're headed to a stylish affair such as a fashion show. This is what I wore to The Design Jamaica showcase:

Initially when I heard about the "black tie" dresscode I had a gown in mind, specifically my 2007 ball gown - I know, talk about REVIVAL, right? On ball night some clumsy person spilled sparkling wine on my dress which I completely forgot about until two weeks later when I took up the dress to take it to dry cleaning. By then strange spots had already formed on it that for the love of me -just wouldn't come out. Since then I've always wanted to dye the dress black and I thought this event would be the perfect occasion to have it done.

By have it done, I meant do it myself. I'm not exactly sure why I believe my doing O Level art is a viable excuse for DIYs. It's really not people. DIYs are for gifted people who atleast once in their life have a moment where they think "I must have been a magician in my past life." I am not one of them. In this case I was so eager that I overestimated myself  and did very little research despite of my inexperience with dyes. Let's just say it didn't end well and polyester is not the easiest material to dye. In fact just don't bother to try dying polyester at home. Ever.

On the day of the event I still had no clue what to wear. Since the dress didn't work out I decided on the polar opposite -pants.  But to a black tie event? How would that even work? The solution, a blazer.(Dont you find blazers to be like fashionable band-aids?)   Instead of wearing a button up inside though I wanted to make the suit a bit more feminine by highlighting the deep V plunging neckline. Sooo with a little double sided tape I committed to my decision. I tucked the blazer into my super high-waisted pants -added a belt and heels and went on my way. I really don't know where this confidence came from to wear such a semi-revealing ensemble (sometimes full black has that effect on me) but when a much older lady stopped me at the event to tell me she liked my outfit I was happy atleast two persons (the other being myself) didn't think I looked skanky. I had made a solid effort to keep the girls fastened and secured and it worked.

I had worn a dainty lariat necklace to the event but due to the rush before the shoot I ended up leaving it so unfortunately it wasn't photographed. The only other accessory I wore was a fossil watch.

The event went really well by the way so I am excited that it will be an annual showcase from here on. You can read my review of Design Jamaica here:

Blazer with faux leather details: Forever 21 (no longer in stock)
Tailored Pants: made by my tailor
 Sandals: GoJane (no longer available in black)
Watch: Fossil (no longer available in gold)
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

until next time,
Do Good, Dress Well

Photography by: Steven Smith

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  1. Gorgeous look, really elegant outfit.
    See you soon

    1. Thanks love!! Will be sure to visit your blog too (:

  2. In love with your STYLE + blog! Love it all.


    1. Aww thanks Carey! Really appreciate all the love!

  3. I'm obsessed with this look! And I love how you took a blazer and pants and made them look like a sexy jumpsuit. Such good styling!

    Dana @ The Closet Confessional

    1. Thanks Dana! I love repurposing pieces in my closet - I really feel a sense of accomplishment when they turn out as I envisioned (: Im happy you like it! Thanks for visiting xo


  4. Thought this was a fabulous jumpsuit. You are so creative and this is such a great look. May steal your idea.