On The Fringe

by - October 08, 2014

Heyah dolls! I had to share with you all this awesome purchase I made just a few days ago! I havent even received it yet (still in transit) and all I can think about is how I'm going to style it! It happened last week when I was searching online for some reasonably priced flats (of decent quality) and figured H&M would be my best bet. While I was lucky enough to find some cute casual ones, my luck ran out when it came to sizing. Since I was there anyhow I decided to continue browsing the site. With absolutely no intentions of making a purchase whatsoever (apart from flats) I scanned through and thats when this gem decided to say hello!

I have wanted a fringe skirt for a little while now so when I saw this baby I just knew I had to adopt her and give her a home. A part from the fringes itself my other favourite thing about this skirt is the waistband. The way in which the material is woven reminds me so much of what I've seen from the Balmain Fall 2014 collection- another reason I couldn't resist! Fringes are really hot this season; from NYC to Milan, the fashion week series saw a bevy of frolicking fringes shwishing between shows, Olivia Palermo and Shiona Turini among the culprits.

Seriously, these street style pics have me craving fringes! It's a no brainer- no matter what form; skirt, tops, jackets dresses, bags or accessories, fringes are those added elements of chic that instantly turns an outfit into a girly and playful statement. I absolutely love them -especially for fall since with the sea of dark colours typical of the the season, fringes can edge out some of the austerity and add all sorts of fun! Can you think of a garment that conveys 'life of the party' better than fringes does?

 Here are a few super affordable fringed pieces I've compile that you can add to your closet this season:

Fall Fringe
1.ZARA.COM Leather Messenger Bag ($36) 2.TOPSHOP.COM Fringe Scallop Tee ($45) 3.HM.COM Fringe Dress ($48) 4.ASOS.COM Slimming Fringe Belt ($24) 5. ASOS.COM Leather Fringe Clutch ($48) 

I advise though that if you don't intend on turning heads, don't wear fringes. They are eye-catching and make great conversation pieces so expect to make a new friend, receive a few compliments and overall experience a semi ego-boost! Lol

until next time,
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  1. LOVE fringes at the moment, they are totally back !
    Just bought a jacket from Zara, and I am obsessed :)


    1. Oh lovely! I'll be looking out for that jacket on you blog! xo

  2. is so lovely the fringe trend,amazing selection of street style my darling
    new post on my blog http://tr3ndygirl.com
    i wait you

    1. Thanks Pam! Will definitely check out your blog! xo

  3. Gorgeous skirt, and I lovee fringe clothing too!! X


  4. Hello Tanaka! You are so right, Fringes are so in this season and I can't think of any piece of garment that could convey the "life of the party" better than fringes. I can' wait to see how you choose the beautiful fringe skirt you got. Have a blessed weekend! XOXO, Jeannette


  5. YesyesYES. I am on a plane right now and just finished reading Elle. The one I have dogmarked is the one on fringes (although if you watch project runway, you'd note that Tim Gunn haaaates fringe haha). Beautiful skirt!

    BTW I nominated you for the Liebster Award (mostly a blog promotion thing)! Details here

    Sylvia | The Outfit Lab

    1. Lol! Tim will eventually warm up lol. But yes girl -love me some fringes!'
      Thank you so much for the nomination! Heading to your blog now for the deets ^.^

  6. I'm loving fringe this season! That blue pencil skirt is super cute!




  7. i am obsessing over this trend right now !


  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier. That H&M skirt is such a great pic and the street style pics got me seriously drooling :)

    Jasmin xx


    1. My pleasure! Still over here crushing on your blue trousers lol!

  9. Fringes are such a fun addition to any outfit :) when I was in New York for Fashion Week, I spied many people who were totally rocking them.

    1. Lucky you to have been apart of that magical week! Thanks for popping in (: