Fall in the Tropics

by - November 10, 2014

Hey friends! Before I start rambling, I just want to wish you all a productive and wonderful week (:

This week I am wearing an old corduroy jacket from H&M, olive denims I bought at JC Penny years ago and strappy heels from an Amazon store. Apart from the shoes, these items have been in my closet for some time which goes to show, you can revive almost anything with a good sense of style.

Lately I noticed how much I've been into monochrome pairings; maybe its the minimalist in me or maybe I'm partially lazy but either way, I've been loving it! This look in particular was inspired by Balmain Fall/Winter 2014 collection which features some very militant pieces and stunning green/ olive colour palette. Next to Elie Saab, Balmain is my dream fashion house; I've really never seen them do wrong.

Olive, which I find many persons refer to as khaki, and grey seems to be all the rave this season, even though Red, Pink and Orange were identified as the colours to wear for Fall 2014. I think certain colours are indicative of a season so regardless of trend forecasts I think we can always count on Oxblood, Dark Greens (like Emerald, Jade and Olive) Mustard, Camel and Burnt Orange to dominate in the fall season.

I have a question for my fellow bloggers! Is there a ritual you do before your shoots to keep calm? I find I am really tense and overthink alot which translate into pictures with horrible facial expression! Do you have any tips or suggestions?!

until next time,
Do Good, Dress Well

                                                                 Photography by: Steven Smith

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  1. Love your heels!

    - Deniz

  2. Sooo stylish.
    btw I love your hair :D


  3. Hello beautiful Tanaka! First I want to say that you look great in every single picture so there is no way to tell that you were tense or anything like that. I can relate to you but I actually learned to relax. The first few pictures my better half take are not good at all as my face looks really tense but after a few, I just take a deep breath and try to enjoy the moment, myself and think about things that make me happy. You look beautiful in that green monochromatic color combo. The color suits you really well. You are right, we can always find pieces in our closet to create any look. We just need to find them and be creative. Take care and blessings to you always, XOXO, Jeannette


    1. Thats great advice Jeanette - I need to find my happy place. Thank you so much for the compliments! I can always count on you to bring the positive energy! <3
      Always appreciate the love!

  4. You look like you came right out of a magazine! Love the photos and your outfit. Honestly, I kind of do the same. I get really tense before a photoshoot, but it's gotten a lot better. I try to find more secluded areas because I really hate having a bunch of people staring at me while I'm trying to remember to not only pose, but also keep a good facial expression. Haha. Maybe bring some chocolate with you on the next shoot. I heard it creates a calming aura. :)

    Maggie S.

    1. HAHAHA Maggie thank you for that advice! I love Chocolate so I am certainly going to try that! - I also look for secluded places for the same reason -hides face- lol but I am working on the facial expressions!
      Thank you for sharing! Appreciate it so much!

  5. Absolutely love your hair!! I wish I could do that with mine!


  6. You are a great look, love this colors and so beautiful shoes.

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    See you soon

  7. Shoes are on fleek