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Fulfilling is, spending the weekend with some of your favourite people, eating one of your favourite foods and sharing new memories. 

Getting together for Girls Night, for me, is a part of my self-care regime. The intimacy of being surrounded by your girlfriends, being vulnerable and ridiculous and loud and supportive is about as re-energizing as a mini-vacay. Totes Necessity. As we get older, daily messages and weekly Friday night link ups just aren't as frequent anymore. With everyone busy trying to navigate their careers, personal lives and overall adulting, sometimes finding the time can be challenging. Thankfully I have some of the best girlfriends who value our bond and simply make time. By making time I mean, super anal schedule checking, formal invitation sending, rsvping and whatsapp group planning weirdos. (LOL).

Since I took the lead on planning this Girls Night In, I knew I wanted to make it super special for my girls so I decided on a "Soiree des Crêpes" theme. While in France, my French mom would make crêpes every Friday night for the family. After countless demonstrations and reiterations of "remember cooking is simple" boosters, I can confidently add "Crêpe-maker"'to my resume. I might not have come home fluent in French but I think being well-versed in the culinary art of crêpe making counts for something!

Planning Hack: I created our digital invitations using the Paperless Post's website. Their invite options are simply STUNNING!! Everything is super customizable which is a major plus for me since I always like to add my personal touch. While I'm very big on details, unfortunately I haven't gotten the being organized part down pat as yet. Through this site I'm able to create a beautiful e-vite, send them out and then have the platform do all the follow up work which is like having mini planner/ assistant so, this is truly a saving grace!

As far as crêpe-making goes, I wish I could tell you it's rocket science and every non-crêpe-making human ought to worship me but honestly with proper instructions anyone can do it. All of my friends tried and were surprised at how simple it was to make the perfect home-made crêpe!


It was a strictly vegetarian menu so in the savory crêpes we had spinach, feta, cherry tomatoes, home-made pesto, brie, caramelized onions and sorrel chutney. For the sweet ones we had chocolate hazel-nut spread, strawberries and a simple "lemonade crêpe" (MY FAVOURITE): fresh lemon/lime juice with brown sugar filling. Absolutely scrumptious.

Since I'm not exactly known for my cooking skills per se, it was great to be able to share this moment with the girls. Kellie, Quida, Jess, THANK YOU SO MUCH for trusting me! For Jess, our resident food blogger and usual designated GNI chef,  thanks especially for allowing me to take over your little sanctuary knowing very well there was a 50/50 chance we'd need an extinguisher. LOL! It was truly a special night, especially since we were celebrating with Jess on the then impending launch of her debut Ebook: It's That Easy. Congrats Jess!

Im wearing a F21 Box Top| Missguided fluorescent cigarette pants| F21 Hammered Earrings. 

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