Travel Diary: What I Ate In Malaysia

by - June 18, 2019

Hey Xtarz!

I had the privilege of visiting Malaysia for two weeks to hang out with one of my favourite people, my friend Chiu Lin. During my stay we did a lot of things, a little sightseeing, a bit of beach hopping, some shopping but more than anything else, we ATE!

As you know I am pescetarian however I do not and never have eaten shellfish so usually I just say I'm vegetarian since I'm a bit iffy when it comes to fish options generally. As you would imagine, food is a constant struggle for me and unfortunately in Malaysia it was no different. When travelling I love to try the authentic local food just so I can have a more enriching experience and really gain an appreciation for the culture. Malays love their meat, eggs, milk and prawn, all of which I don't consume. #Merp. Admittedly I was very bummed out. I really wanted to have a taste of the famous Malay Satays and Nasi dishes but it wasnt to be.

Thankfully, my friend Chiu was not only a fabulous host but a certified foodie so she took me to some of the best spots around Kuala Lumpur and Sabah. Even though they were mostly Western, Chinese or Japanese, I really enjoyed the food and the ambience of some of the places. I thought I would write a quick blog post for anyone headed to Malaysia who needed vegetarian-friendly spots too.


(Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)
This was one of my best breakfast experience in Malaysia. Feeka is right in the centre of a tourist area, Bukit Bintang, so you can expect to meet a lot of expats or travellers in this area. I ordered the lemon ricotta pancakes with a side of baked salmon which was heavenly. Chiu opted for the Eggs Benedict with a Matcha Latte. She seemed pretty happy with her meal so I would say this place is a solid option if you're in the area for breakfast or brunch. I must add that the customer service is also great.

(Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur)
We stopped by this place twice while in KL for their Croissants and Pain du Chocolat. I'm not sure if it was reuniting with Chiu or just how delicious these croissants were but it took me right back to my mornings in Paris. Trés bon! They also had a wiiiiide variety of artisan treats that were so beautiful. Highly recommended for breakfast or a treat on the go.

(Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)
I loved Nook for its super cozy and laid back vibe with very friendly staff. I had the eggplant open faced sandwich and the cutest and yummiest little hot chocolate. Chiu had the three cheese grilled cheese with tomato soup. I tried it and also quite liked it. There was a french toast on the menu that I really wanted but I missed the brunch cut off time so if you're into French Toast and Waffles, go before 3PM.


(Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur)
I ordered the Pasta and Chiu had the Tempeh Bowl. I loved my pasta but I was delightfully surprised by the Tempeh bowl. I had never tried tempeh before this. They had little mango chunks in it as well which made it even more delicious. The cafe itself is super cute and the meals are very affordable. This entire meal including drinks cost us less than $20US.

(Melaka, Malaysia)
This is very unassuming hot spot in Malacca. The cafe itself is a mish-mash of unusually fascinating and some bizzare decor. The art on the wall is dark and reminds me a lot of Mexican day of the dead type art which would be a little offputting if not for the mini water fountain beneath the open roof on the inside that adds a sense of tranquility that I loved. There we'rent many options for vegetarian but the mushroom pasta and fruit salad were lovely and their servings were generous.


(Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)
I found one vegetarian haven in Sabah! This was the first and only place I went to during my trip that I was actually spoiled for options. Chiu ordered for us since she frequents this spot and knew what was best on the menu. We had the fried mushrooms (SOOO GOOD) and curried sweet potato shoot with brown rice. I must add that I genuinely had no clue that sweet potatoes had edible shoots. It was my first time having it and I'd definitely have it again.


(Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia)
There is french toast and then there is french toast at Woo! We went here for dessert after dinner and this was a meal on it's own. Thankfully we had ordered to share because there was no way I would have been able to finish this alone. The brioch was thick and the caramelized banana topped with vanilla icecream and whipped cream was so rich. I really couldnt have asked for a better ending to the night. The chamomile tea was a light complement as well.

(Melaka, Malaysia)
When in Asia, souffle pancakes are a must. I got my jiggly pancake fix at this lovely little cafe that was obviously a neighbourhood hotspot. A lot of locals frequent this place, particularly for the souffle that come in different flavours including Matcha and Tiramisu. Of course, I chose tiramisu. It's very light and airy so the icecream was a great complement.

Unfortunately I didnt get to snap some of my meals because I would be halfway through when I realized I should have taken a photo (oops!) There are two places in particular that weren't pictured that I quite liked and are worth mentioning;

VCR (Kuala Lumpur): Very trendy spot with great staff and very delicious food. Everything is fresh and for a moment you'll probably forget that you're in KL and not LA.

Super Ono (Kota Kinabalu): Vegan-friendly, poke bowl heaven. I loved the experience of ordering. You get a sheet with all the different ingredients that you can choose from. Based on your selection the server builds your bowl with fresh ingredients available. YUM-MEEEE! They are also big on being eco-friendly which I really appreciated so for that alone I recommend them a thousand time.

until next time......
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