TRENDING: How to Style Your Fanny Pack This Summer

by - July 05, 2014

I honestly didn't know I would ever be caught dead wearing in a fanny pack. But -Never Say Never! 


Over the years the fanny pack has gotten a serious facelift- only barely resembling your grandmother's 1980s not so snazzy waist belt today. Kourtney Kardashian for example was spotted in the most adorable Chanel fannypack last year, which was possibly the first time I ever considered them remotely fashionable. Then I came across Rachel Zoe and Alexander Wang updated editions, which pretty much revolutionized the concept of a fanny pack. 

I think my main concern was how unattractive and oddly shaped the bags were, their purpose being secondary for me. Today however you can find some very refined versions; neatly structured and available in chic variations such as prints. I think I really warmed up to the idea of owning one when I came across a Nasty Gal's "belt bag" earlier this year. Unfortunately this discovery came just a few weeks before Coachella and considering its utility and trendy appeal, it was sold it in no time.

Good ol' reliable Forever 21 came to save the day though when they released a replica of the Nasty Gal beltbag/ fanny pack - of course at a cheaper price (two cheers for bargains!!) 

I was really excited when I finally received my fanny- especially since I didn't expect the quality to be so good (considering the price!) 
To show off the goods ^.^ I paired my belt-bag with a tank, distressed/acid wash high-waisted shorts and booties. I can honestly say this is one of my favourite accessories this summer simply because of how useful and stylish it is. If you're on the go and need just your phone, money and lip balm, you'll find this accessory pretty handy! I'm going to take the liberty to say I highly doubt these new age fanny packs will become unfashionable any time soon. And even if they do I'll proudly be the lone wolf in the pack rocking my fanny- BECAUSE I'd take a (chic) fanny pack over a gaudy handbag any day.

Shorts: AlterEGO Jamaica (local clothing store)
Cut-out Ankle Booties: Charlotte Russe (SOLD OUT)
Fanny Pack: Forever 21/ Currently sold out but Nasty Gal restocked! 
Sunnies: ZeroUV

Photography by: Steven Smith

Do Good, Dress Well

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  1. I love your outfits! you look so casual, but chic! and sunglasses are awesome!

    anyway here you have a very nice photos :) I really love it <3


  2. LOVE it! Fanny packs/belt bags are my new fav thing. This was is pretty amazing!
    Nikki at

    1. Thanks Nikki! Agreed the new ones I've seen surfacing are so encouraging me to buy another!!!