Gladiator Sandals

by - July 28, 2014

Ahhhh!!!! I'm obsessing with Gladiator sandals this summer!

-excuse my manners-  Heyyyyy loves! 
So, earlier this year I spotted a Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals and instantly fell in LOVE! While the heart was willing, the pocket was rather weak so I set forth on a mission to find myself an equally delicious dupe! My search finally came to an end when lo and behold, DSW had an ALMOST exact replica of the sandals - for a few bucks less than $40 - a steal from the heaven!!!!

After reading a couple reviews I was a tad bit hesitant about whether the calf straps would fit but I honestly could not resist. The next thing I knew, the order confirmation was in my email and I was super excited! Unfortunately after the sandals got to my sister in FL it would stay there for another two months before I could hold those babies :( 

After that dreadful wait I unboxed my shiny new sandals to find the calf straps to be much wider than I anticipated. In Jamaica there is an old time saying: "tun yuh han mek fashion' which essentially means to use an innovative solution to solve a problem, and that I did! I stayed up for hours brainstorming and then, Eureka! The straps were all elastic so I measured and sewed them to fit my petite calves- but looking at them you really couldn't even tell they were adjusted - Thank God!

Anyhow, I do believe I will be wearing these for the rest of the year. Jamaica is an absolute furnace this summer so anything other than short shorts are pragmatically forbidden, if you're trying to avoid a heat stroke that is. So, these sandals are the perfect way to add balance to an otherwise lil skimpy situation lol. 

Gladiators are really great for bohemian inspired looks e.g. loose flowy shorts, high-low maxi dresses and skirts. They are also great to add a little spunk to an otherwise super casual outfit like shirt-dresses and rompers. 

I bought this light and breezy dress while in Indonesia in a random boutique so there is no branding on it and so unfortunately I cant say where you can get this one in particular. My necklace was purchased in Kim's Jewellery in Jamaica and my bangles were gifted. 

until next time....

Do Good, Dress Well

Photography by: Steven Smith

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  1. I tend to hate seeing females in gladiators but you really pulled off the look. Amazing tiki Tanaka hats off to you. I love the outfit an the necklace toooo :)

  2. You are so beautiful, and those sandals look amazing on you.