Line by Line: How To Style A Stripe Blazer

by - April 18, 2015

Hey dolls (& gents)! I've been trying to make my way back from the 70s since last week's post but apparently my Afro hair feels too much at home....

This week I'm back with another ensemble flavored with a bit of that 70s spice. I'm wearing a cute little romper I scored from SheInside beneath a striped H&M blazer (also featured here). The "belt" is actually an old broken necklace that I thought would add a groovy geometric complement to the outfit. The shoes I got from Zara in December but havent worn until now! YAY!

On Wednesday I got some EXCITING NEWS! I was dubbed a "Bomb Blogger" by and to say I am ecstatic is a severe understatement! Blogging is no easy commitment. There has been countless times I have felt as if I'm not doing enough or that my style wasn't unique enough and to be reassured in this way, man does  IT FEELS GOOD! Thanks again to the Fashion Bomb Daily team, you certainly made my week! 

Happy weekend to all my readers. Relax. Turn Up (if youre into that stuff lol). Drink a little vino. Do a little exploring. Read a good book. Make the best of your time. Be HAPPY!

until next time
Do Good, Dress Well

Photography by: Steven Smith

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  1. Hello Tanaka! Congratulations for being one of the's Bomb Bloggers! That was amazing and well deserved! And yes, blogging can be overwhelming and a little exhausting at times especially when, like me, we have full time jobs and a family but very rewarding when is done with passion and love. I personally try to keep my own pace and not compare to others. You are doing an amazing job and I really enjoy reading your posts and looking at all the wonderful outfits you create. You are super talented and very creative and I have no doubts you are going to get very far. So keep doing what you are doing and don't stop! The sky is the limit! You look amazing today and I love everything about your look. Using a necklace as a belt was super clever and nicely done. The shoes are stunning and the striped jacket together with the beautiful blue romper looks perfect. Have a wonderful week Tanaka! Sending you lots of blessings and love. XOXO, Jeannette

    1. I love how youre like my Blogger mom lol <3 Thats Jeanette! <3

  2. I'm absolutely loving this look - everything looks so well together!

    - Deniz

  3. Superb!
    I'll wait for me! :*

  4. Love this look! And your hair should stay in the 70s because it is GORgeous!
    Congrats on being featured on Fashion Bomb Daily. Blogging is not easy feat, so when validations/ acknowledgments of your work come along, they feel so darn good.


  5. Congrats on the feature, you deserve it and more. You look amazing here. Way to go!

  6. absolutely great look but lets get on to the shoes shall we?! oh love. love. love!!!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ♥

  7. I saw you on Bomb Blogger this morning and started clapping. You certainly deserve the honor girl. And you look amazing in this outfit and I am loving those shoes.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  8. Obsessed with this outfit! You did such a bomb job of adding 70's flair to a modern look! And how great is that that you were able to reuse a necklace into a belt??! Love it!

  9. Congrats girl! Love love love your style! <3333333