Monochrome x MyRepeatOffender

by - September 06, 2015

 Hey dolls! Just popping in to share a few moments from mural gazing with my blogger babe Kristia of Jamaica's blogging circuit is rather small so connecting with other bloggers, especially ones that share the same interests as you do, has been a blessing! 

We decided to go for monochrome looks for this feature. On a typical day I would have opted for a full black ensemble but I decided to add a little colour to complement Krystia's all white look. This girl loves wearing white which is really admirable to a clumsy Lucy like myself. How does she keep those whites so CLEAN! Lol 

Olive is one of my absolute favorite tones to wear. As we usher in the fall season, this colour becomes even more relevant as we trade in vibrant hues for more earth tones. Needless to say, I am all about fall fashion and I especially cant wait to wear this skirt 1 million + 1 times this season!

Forever21 Top| Missguided Skirt| Target Sandals

Fossil Natalie Watch (SoldOut)| Galavant Jewelry Cuff

Kristia of

until next time
Do Good, Dress Well

Photography by: Brandon Hamilton

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  1. That bright eyeliner and gorgeous lip colour looks great on you! I also love love love those shoes!


  2. She is so tall!! You both look amazing!