by - March 25, 2017

When I turned 25 I decided that I should start eating tomatoes partly because as a pescatarian one has very little room to discriminate against veggies but mostly because my quarter life crisis was indicative of the desire to feel grown up. Higher up on my "ADULTING" priority list however was owning perfume. 

I'm a tad bit ridiculous...
(how have you never owned perfume?! You're 25?!) 

Growing up I fell in love with Bath & Body Work's cucumber melon lotion and bodysplash and never felt the need to add any other fragrance to the line up. If you've ever smelt this divine scent, you know its heavenly, so for me it was enough. Admittedly though whenever I had a "big" night on the town planned I would sneak my way into my mom's inventory and doused myself in anything that had a designer label on it; talking about you Gucci Eau de Parfum. It was a conversation starter tactic; "You smell good. What are wearing" "Why thank you" followed by a vainglorious "It's Gucci."

Anyhow, turns out real demands of adulting concerns itself much less with superficial indulgences so 25 was spent largely fragrance free.  I am proud to announce however that I ushered in 26 with the essence of a grown woman, DONNA.

Choosing the right perfume was a bit of a challenge because I am very particular. I knew I wanted something subtle but still enchanting and most definitely it had to smell luxurious. I remember how impressed I used to be with my father's cologne collection and how its caused me to be utterly fascinated with "smell-good" people LOL. I wanted to have this same effect on anyone I encountered. 

It took me all of three days wandering around Sephora and Marionnaud stores, spraying and sniffing. Valentino's Donna was actually one of the very first ones I tried and immediately loved and after going through the Chanels, Tom Fords, Guccis and the likes, I realised that it complemented me the most. Not too floral or intense, its precisely how I imagined my 26yr old self should smell. In true Piscean sentimental hoopla I was also sold on the fact that Donna means Lady in Italian and since the purchase was a symbolic gesture of "womanhood" it was obviously THE ONE. To an extent I would even say the description of the scent is actually a pretty fair parallel of myself; 

Valentino Donna, a hint of elegance, fragility, irreverence, and candour. Sensuous and independent she is capable of sudden passion and unexpected shyness.

I know you must be wondering how bored can a person possibly be to make an event out of purchasing perfume, but listen, I once read that "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Considering that 25 is reasonable age to take your future seriously, it only makes sense that one should do right by herself and start taking progressive steps.   All of this to say, I have perfume. I'm a grown up-ish lady. Be proud. Voila!

until next time......

Do Good, Dress Well

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