Corduroy Craze: Fall/Winter 2018 Trend

by - November 10, 2018

One of the best things about fall is its partiality to textures and unique textiles that we very rarely catch sight of during the Spring/Summer periods. From the tweeds to the plaids, fall is a festival of fabrics and fashion connoisseurs waste no time diving head first into them with the shifting of the seasons. This time around, we're witnessing the resurrection of the venerable corduroy, and in case you've missed it: everyone and their granny have dusted off their favourite cords and you're invited to join the party!

So...what's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word corduroy? If you said "old" then, me too. In fact, if I'm being really specific I think Jon Heder in Napoleon Dynamite or something I'd find on the set of That 70's show. Now, this isn't to say that I don't like the fabric, because I personally find it cool in a thrift shopping - art school - hipster kind of way. But, whoever gave it it's name truly set it up for failure. It didn't stand a chance in the "new age" being called Corduroy much like naming a child Doris or Ernest after the 1960s, it almost seems preposterous. Yet, here we are in 2018 ascribing trendy status to this fabric of yore. Oh the irony, when fashion-forward actually means being retrospective. 


If you're sold on the trend and you're looking for a fool proof way to incorporate it into your wardrobe now, here is my number one tip for wearing corduroy: 

Add a single item of corduroy to elevate a classic look and you should be all set. For example a tee and jeans can be transformed with a corduroy blazer or you can opt for a simple top with cord bottoms (skirt, pants or overalls). It really is that easy.

For my look, I paired a corduroy blazer with a high -waisted shorts in similar green tones and added a nude midriff top (actually a sports bra) to break up the monochrome. I completed the look with a pair of faux snake skin (also trendy at the moment) sandals. 

Blazer: H&M | Shorts: H&M| Sports Bra: Target | Shoes: Shoe Box
In 2014 I shared this same corduroy jacket in a blog post as well. You can check out that look here. 
HMU. Let me know what you think! 

until next time......
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Photography by: Steven Smith

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