The 2018 Animal Print Trend

by - December 17, 2018

Hey Xtars! Ever since fashion girls started transitioning their closet from Summer to Fall, I don't think I've gone on my Instagram once and not seen someone on my feed in animal print of some sort. Leopard print, cheetah print, zebra print, and snake skin specifically have been hot and trendy lately. So, as you would imagine, when I spotted (see what I did there?) this leopard blazer for $4 ($500 JMD) on a local thrift rack, I had to have it! When buying into trends, my main rule is to only buy classic pieces, the ones that after the fad has faded I can continue wearing. This blazer is exactly that and for the price, I had to give it a home. BTW, this is my first ever thrifted piece and I have proven with certainty that beginners luck is absolutely a thing!

I paired this thrifted leopard blazer with a ribbed bodysuit from Missguided, high-waisted pants from H&M and kitten mules from WhoWhatWear (Target). My bag is Tory Burch. 

With animal print, I would say don't get too crazy since it's easy to look overstated. Of course, every fashion baby knows you can do whatever you want as long as you're confident and add some kind of structure to your madness. If you like to play it safe, you can start with a single item and make it your statement piece like I have done here. Simple does it. 

until next time......
Do Good, Dress Well

Photography by: Steven Smith

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