How We Can Use Isolation To Unlock Our Creative Genius

by - March 29, 2020

The world has somewhat come to a standstill as we grapple with the effects of the novel coronavirus. Many of us are on lockdown or have (in)voluntarily gone into self isolation in order to protect ourselves or loved ones. With the exception of our work-from-home virtual meetings and related responsibilities, our calendars are, for the first in a long time, empty. Pre 2020 our lives were consumed with being busy; always something to do, people to meet or somewhere to go. Now, we’re stuck inside and based on social media sentiments, it can be inferred that a lot of us might slowly go mad but for a lucky few, we might find our genius. 

In between tweets of torment and the indignation on Instagram for life disrupted, a very interesting thing is transpiring for some; a bolt of creativity that has become a source of light, entertainment and so much more during this crisis. Content is being rapidly shared by the second and though it often appears in the form of mindless regurgitated “challenges”, in the midst of that we’re seeing the brilliance of creativity at work. 

Finally, the “time” has come. People are experimenting, going through their archives and mining diamonds in the rough, picking up old hobbies and reconnecting with their passion. Some are even discovering new ones. As the renowned spiritual leader Wayne Dyer wisely noted in his book The Power of Intention, “genius thrives in a contemplative environment.” Much like Mother Nature is at this time, reclaiming her space and thriving in fresh air, our minds are being gifted respite to flourish. 

The mind is a powerful tool and when inundated with all the to-dos we rarely find time to create. Since ideas can only come from a place of quiet, we ought to embrace this moment to connect with our inner calling and listen intently for how it desires to be expressed. Many of us experience a glimmer of this through “shower thoughts”, solo commutes or walks when we steal away from the world and have a few minutes with ourself. Those precious seconds of stillness has helped us to solve problems, unearth new ideas and innovate. And now, in spite of being daunted by this pandemic, we have a little more than a few moments or minutes at hand. 

This is an opportunity to step back from the noise that we’ve grown accustomed to, from the musts and shoulds that are proving to matter a lot less now. Those events, lunch dates and activities will all still be there when things settle. What we won’t get back is this down time to revisit those places in ourselves that have longed to be explored and expressed. It’s time to get back to ourselves. 

I’m aware that sitting with ourself doesn’t come naturally for most of us. In fact it can be difficult at times especially when you’ve long used your calendar to distract yourself from your suffering. You’re also probably way too tired to think straight or even welcome quiet since you’ve never known your mind beyond the constant chatter that lives there. But, hear me out; suffering usually comes from feeling disconnected with your source. So, be still. With a little rest, optimism, and courage, on the other side of this distress and anxiety, lives your creative genius waiting to tell you clearly how to solve your life mysteries (issues/turmoil/struggles) and connect with your purpose. With calm comes clarity and individually we already have proof of this adage in our lives.

Let’s allow ourselves some 20 minutes or so of silence each day to recharge our creative engines and listen for inspiration. A lot of us are already doing good work but we have room for greatness. What is the vision you have for your ideal self? How can you share you limitless talents with the world? In what ways can you live a more purposeful life? Where can you make an impact and positively change the lives around you? Ask yourself these questions, sit alone in silence and listen intently for your creative genius to guide you.

until next time......
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