by - September 11, 2015

I came across a meme that read: "True embarrassment lies in your first email address" LOL! ...of course then came the nostalgia!

I remember specifically, it was 2002 when my uncle bought me a Gateway desktop as a graduation present and all I could think about was finally signing up for my very own email address! I  was at the peak of my tomboy phase and somehow was convinced that a bandana could be worn with EVERYTHING (you could NEVER get me to willingly wear a dress back then so by everything I mean jeans or shorts! lol). For this reason, I found it fit to digitally baptized myself "bandanababy" :| loool!  In retrospect, I really didnt realize how much of an impact fashion had on me then, but subconsciously it defined how my 10 yr old self made the most significant decision at the time, choosing a name for my email address. When bandanas resurfaced as a 2015 fashion staple, it really sent me down memory lane.

I therefore dedicate this post to my 10 year old self and her fashionable foresight. ^.^

Top: Forever 21| Ripped Jeans: Missguided| Shoes: Just Fab| Bandana: Similar

until next time
Do Good, Dress Well

Photography by: Steven Smith

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