Boucleme: Redefined 4C Curls

by - October 07, 2015

When it comes to hair care, I am your all around low-maintenance, sensitive to everything damsel in distress. Since my big chop in December 2014, I've tried experimenting with a few products here and there, with my main focus being something that was gentle enough to not irritate my scalp eczema but still has the potency to keep my hair moisturized.  Most recently I discovered and tried a new hair care line called Boucleme that did just this and since I havent seen many reviews on their products I decided to share my thoughts with you!


As I mentioned, I am super low-maintenance which made Boucleme immediately attractive to me. The line currently carries three products; an all natural cleanser, conditioner and gel (in actuality do you really need anything else?). With NO silicon, sulphates, mineral oils, petroleum, parabens and none of that other chemical stuff, the products propose to "redefine" curl, restore optimum moisture and provide all day frizz control. I have 4C hair, so I honestly had no expectations for accentuated curls, as long as my scalp was clean (& not itchy) and my hair felt moisturized I would be okay!

On first encounter the packaging is pretty minimalist which is indicative of the ingredients. From rosemary, coconut oil and spearmint to May Chang flower oil the products all contain a purposeful combination of organic elements that, according to my 3 year old niece smells "so fresh".

To begin I partitioned my hair into four then placed the cleanser directly unto my scalp. I then dampen my entire hair and further massaged the product into my scalp. While the product doesnt actually suds I could feel my scalp become lighter after just the first wash. I then rinsed and reapply the cleanser for a second wash.  As soon as the cleanser began penetrating my hair I found my 4C coils immediately began curling! After that I add a generous amount of conditioner to my hair and since its all natural I left it in to double as my leave-in conditioner as well.

with Conditioner

Seeing my curls so defined made me fall in love with the cleanser and conditioner. Finding products that work in this fashion for 4C hair feels much like hitting jackpot! Trust, if you are a 4C girl and about that wash-n-go life, this product is for you! As a matter of fact, anyone with curls who is into wash-n-gos will want to get familiar with this line.

While I really loved the cleanser and conditioner I didnt think the gel was for me though. I've only ever worn my hair in a twist out since I did my big chop so I tried the above routine once with the gel before twisting and then once again without the gel before twisting and found that I much prefer it without. I've never actually used gel in my hair prior to this so I have nothing to compare it to but I do believe that if you have looser curls/coils than 4C hair texture and plan to do a wash & go then the gel would be great as it hold the curls firm without making your hair crispy.

Unfortunately I dont have a photo of myself on the first day after wash but even on the 7th day after washing I still had defined curls, without using the gel (see below)!

7 days after wash, still had some defined curls

Needless to say I would definitely buy this product line again and recommend it to everyone. If you suffer from scalp eczema, chemical free is the way to go and it works perfectly with organic Shea butter and essential hair oils. Not only does it smell good, it enhanced my curls, kept my hair moisturized and soft in two simple steps!

* While I was sent these products by Ayla Beauty, this is my honest review of Boucleme. I did try these products and all opinions are my own*

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