by - April 18, 2014

Closet envy is legitimately an ailment, for me at least. I know this to be true because of the genuine covetous pain I endure whenever I see style icon Olivia Palermo and her amazing outfits.

Although I wasn't the least bit interested in MTV's reality show, "The City" I still managed to sit through a few episodes, thence, my first encounter with Ms. Palermo. Initially I found her to be quite a  bitch (someone has to be the villain -duh-) but  I could not deny the girl had taste. Eventually she grew on me, or better yet maybe it was my inability to ignore the "Look At Me I'm Fabulous" utterances of her ensembles.

Exhibit A:

Leave it to a Piscean woman to master aesthetics. 
Most of the time this girl gets it right! (Any criticism would be a matter of personal preference) Her attention to detail is just pure genius, even when she opts to dress down. She has an eclectic manner of expressing her sophisticated sense of style, she evades predictability with her charming pairings and overall she simply impresses.

Here are a few reasons I pine for a day (or lifetime) in Olivia's closet:

Man, she is good. 
I'm not sure if it was her elitist upbringing or just an innate trait, but this woman epitomizes class. From her colour palette to quirky print and pattern combos, Olivia is truly impeccable.

I've declare her SWANK-APPROVED!

Side note: She also has good taste in  men! ^.^
What a stylish couple! (with boyfriend, Johannes Huebl)

Do Good, Dress Well

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