Bead It: How to Transform A Simple Look With A Beaded Necklace

by - June 05, 2014

A beaded necklace necklace is the ultimate accessory to transform a simple outfit.

Where do I begin. Hello I am Tanaka, your delinquent blogger :$ - BUT the important thing is that I AM BACK!

Last year my dear Godmother travelled to South Africa and brought back a beautiful multi-coloured beaded bib, that apparently instantly reminded her of yours truly (: Its been all of 37 weeks (thanks Instagram for the time stamp lol) and I have yet to take this baby out for a spin. When Steven, my wonderful photographer, so graciously agreed to be the lens behind my blog, my first thought was: I MUST SHOOT THIS PIECE!

Of course African inspired styles and most notably accessories inspired by the Samburu and Maasai tribes will seriously never not be relevant. Their traditional adornment are so incredibly beautiful; they are simply timeless.
Samburu woman
Olivia Palermo with Maasai tribe. (She is an ambassador of the Pikolinos Maasai Project)

So many designers have drawn on these African traditions for inspiration, the Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2014 collection being among the most recent. The line features some really impressive beading details for example this intricate bustier that is evidently similar to the Samburu women's neck pieces.

Emilio Pucci s/s 2014 bustier

Anyhow, I was so so so super excited to do this shoot! This necklace clearly deserves to be paraded, not stashed away like it has been for so long! I decided to also include some beaded sandals I bought at least 2 years ago at JC Penny that I (sadly) rarely ever wear.

So, to really have the necklace stand out I opted for the simplest strapless dress in my closet. While it is trendy to look like a ball of chaos these days, I much rather have statement pieces paired with simpler items. If you're trying this type of accessory for the first time I suggest you do the same; they do so much on their own, you really don't want to add anything that would cause a power struggle - just have the necklace shine as it ought to.

The silver hammered cuffs  were added for a sense of balance. It's really a perfect pairing, providing a bit more depth to the outfit- while keeping the focus on the neck-piece.

If you like being edgy, a monochrome (black and white) print might just be a good combo with a necklace similar to mine. Considering that the piece is busy with colours, I would suggest wearing a solid complementary colour if you want to go bold. For a casual day, throw it over a tee or tank for some spunk or  pair with a simple yet chic silhouette for a more elegant look. All in all, I am definitely looking forward to wearing this necklace out!!!! 

 Necklace: Gifted
Black Strapless Dress: Similar Here
Hammer Cuffs: Similar by OR local designer, Peace-Is-of-Bianca  
Sandals: Sold Out, Similar Here

Photography by: Steven Smith

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  1. Absolutely stunning . I have a similar neck piece also a gift from South Africa. Lovely pics and I love the way you styled this look. Feel free to check out my blog too.x

    1. Thanks doll! Will definitely take a look (: