Island Treasure: Galavant Jewelry

by - September 07, 2014

I wouldn't be a good person if I kept this to myself; that and this happens to be the best channel for a PSA to declare: I accept Galavant bracelet gifts of all shapes and sizes, no discrimination. Thanks in advance (:

About two months ago a good friend of mine told me about Galavant Jewelry. Accessories just happens to be my middle name so of course, I ventured online to fatten my eyes. Before the page even finished loading I saw the tagline: "Jamaican-inspired jewelry for the original rude gal"; I erupted in laughter. Why? Because of the dichotomy of the brand. (See mastermind, Summer's hilarious blog about the concept and "business model" behind the bracelets.)

Essentially, the collection is really sophisticated; timeless and polished bracelets that you could easily see on the wrist of women who would wear Vita Fede or Jennifer Fisher designs, aka, it looks expensive. What gives this brand its unique edge though is the funky Jamaican phrases such as "Rude Gal" "One Love" and "Skankin" engraved on the bracelets. Imagine, a Valentino tee with"bad bitch" or "twerk" ....well then again the possibilities aren't too far fetched with unconventional designers like Vivienne Westwood running around (See $442 penis clutch purse sported by Rihanna). Speaking of Rihanna, if these bracelets were personified they would probably be her, dressed in full suit of Balmain, spliff in hand; High class, badass.

My absolute favourite thing about these bracelets though: I dont have to break the bank to call one my own! (I dont know about you but STYLE DEALS make me tingly inside!)

Since I anticipate that by Christmas, every Jamaican girl (home and abroad) will be flaunting Galavant wrists I decided to start my collection (yes, because one does not simply buy one stackable bracelet) with a custom . My first purchase is a brass/ vintage finish cuff, with "Swankxtar" etching-  which I've pretty much worn every day since I got it 3 weeks ago. (I read the "dont wear me in water" care tip waaay after the fact, womp)

So yeaaaa, I just thought I would share my new find with you because 1. It warms my heart that I can brandish Jamaican sentiments and be trendy at the same time without having to "adorn" myself in black, green and gold 2. Christmas is around the corner and as you can see these make for fine gifts. 3. My boyfriend may read this (RudeGal and the Pineapple disc bracelet babe ;)) 

Until next time.....

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