Morning Stroll

by - September 10, 2014

I'm not a morning person. BUT I insist on trying to be one. I dont know where exactly I got the notion that if you sleep beyond 10:30am you'll waste away half of your life-  but it's kind of a scary thought to have. What it means is that sometimes I really have to psych myself up in the  mornings; like wake up and get all dressed up (yeaah even on the days I have absolutely no where to go). Sad thing is though, by the time I have my tea (of course)- sit around my computer and do a little work, Mr. Sleep starts his seduction... & you know what happens next. -sigh- I can't be the only one this happens to!

So anyway, this outfit would be something I would throw together on one of those mornings; a loose chiffon button up and boyfriend ripped jeans, because it doesnt get more comfortable than that. I've had this particular pair of jeans laying around for years, this being one of two time I've worn it. They really are so comfy though- need to wear it more! My shoes came in the mail about two weeks ago - love love love it!!! Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with faux croc/ python. Like if I could get all my bags and purses in faux croc/ python I really wouldnt mind. My only booboo with this shoe though, they are so high! I'm flat-footed aka NO ARCH (instep) AT ALL - so they're not so fun to walk in. But sometimes beauty is pain -struts down imaginary runway-

When your photographer happens to also be a comedian

Top: Forever21| Ripped Jeans: Bongo Jeans| Shoes: Nasty Gal (Shoe Cult)| Sunnies: ZeroUV
(wearing "Really Red" lippie by MaryKay)

Certainly will be wearing these sandals for the rest of the year. Fall/winter fabulous find (:

until next time,
Do Good, Dress Well

Photography by: Steven Smith

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  1. Thooooseee heeeeellssss In love!!!!!!!! *crying*
    I cant bleve i gave ma old jeans away lol ahh well...
    great job as always

  2. Just found your blog and I really like your style, so I will be back to read more. . .

    1. Wow, thank you for the love, really appreciate it! xo

  3. Very beautiful boyfriend jeans you are wearing!