Travel Diary: 24 Hours In Tulum

by - June 16, 2018

Tulum is a dream. The kind you never want to wake up from. If I had to describe it in a simple sentence, I would say, it’s a bohemian wanderland. I was struck by the way this little coastal town could, so effortlessly, be host of such grand dichotomies. Like, it’s marriage of modern and rustic that allows you to be surrounded by nature but luxuriously housed in new age type architecture with engineering that rivals any thing you’ve seen in the first world. Or even the fact that it can balance it’s quintessential relaxed vibe while being so high spirited. But most importantly, I was captivayed by its ability to make a foreigner, like me, feel so much at home in a place that was alien in many respects.

In case you need me to spell it out for you: I am deeply infatuated.

With a little over 24 Hours to explore, here is a run down of what my time falling in love with Tulum looked like:

Swimsuit: H&M| Pants Cover-up: J.Crew

I woke up at the crack of dawn to get to Tulum National Park at 8am, as soon as they opened, to avoid the long lines and crowds. 


After exploring the ruins for about two hours and we left sometime after 10am when all the busloads of tour groups began spilling in. We had a driver for the day, Eric, who took us to breakfast at a local favourite, Don Cafeto. Guys, I highly recommend this place! They served one of the BEST hot chocolate and pancakes I've ever had.  

After some pancakes, grilled fish, hot chocolate, roasted vegetables and a serving of guac and nachos, I WAS STUFFED!  Stuffed, but ready for my next adventure! We headed to Cenote Casa Tortuga at around midday to work off the heavy breakfast. To be honest, I really wanted to do Grand Cenote at first, but  later I was happy with Eric's suggestion of Casa Tortuga since we had access to three different cenotes plus it had no crowd! I was terrified at first, as I am not a strong swimmer but by the time we got to the second cenote I was very much into it. It was the most fun I've had in a while. It was also the most daring thing I've done in a while,  jumping into more than 50ft of water, so I was very proud of myself!

Later in the afternoon we headed back to our Airbnb in Aldea Zama to shower and freshen up for dinner. Eric was amazing and drove the long route so we could admire our neighbors' incredible houses. He even allowed us to stop and take a photo on one of their doorsteps! I'm still trying to wrap my head around the homes in Tulum! Too Frikkin BEAUTIFUL! 

Our Airbnb was awesome and had complimentary bicycles so after putting on something cute we took the bikes out to find dinner. We cycled, for about half an hour, to Tulum beach and enjoyed dinner at Ana y José, a very cute hotel resto on the beachfront. Maybe I'm just a romatic but there is magic in closing your evening by the ocean.
Pull & Bear Romper | H&M Belt
We packed in quite a bit but honestly, it was just not enough. Tulum, I wish I had more time with you! I haven't quite decided yet, but I'm considering maybe packing my things and just moving there for good! Lol. Truly, I know Tulum is one of those destinations I'll certainly visit over and over again. And, can you blame me? It's absolutely enchanting.

until next time......
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