The Best Life Advice I Learned From Podcasts in 2018

by - September 05, 2018

I really value good advice. To date, some of the best I've ever heard came by way of podcasts. Podcasts have given me access to some of the most brilliant minds and successful entrepreneurs whose stories and spiels have guided my own growth path.  The ugly truth is; I am not self-motivated. But, of course, when you have grand plans of becoming a celebrated writer and international real estate connoisseur, your ambitions aren't trying to hear this. So, wherever the motivation comes from, you gotta find it! I’ve in turn become quite a bit of a podcast junkie, specifically with the self-help/ motivation and entrepreneurship genres as my preferred "high".

I try to either start or end the day with one of my favourite subscriptions depending on my mood. I find that in the mornings they really energize me and give me the push that I need to be more productive. After a long day, theyre also great for lifting your spirit when youre feeling a bit demoralized. Regardless of when I listen though, the one thing I find constant is that I almost always take away a nugget of wisdom. I especially appreciate how much they have contributed to nurturing soft skills in me that we often take for granted. The skills that can really make the difference in how we show up in our personal and professional life. Based on the impact they have had on me, I really wanted to share a few practical things Ive learned that hopefully, youll find useful too.

On being organized
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: Plan trivial things such as your meals and outfits a week in advance to save time. This practice cuts your daily prep time in half.
  • Review the day: At the end of the day, do an overview what you’ve done and capture the tasks you haven't accomplished in a list for the following day. Do the small things to prepare for the next day to make thing smoother.
  • Time block for high priority tasks. It’s easy to get the simple tasks out of the way but those elephant sized tasks need some finessing so make a date with them.

On developing self:
  • Focus on yourself. Every time you sit thinking about what someone else is doing, you rob yourself of valuable time to create something uniquely spectacular.
  • Self-assessment is pivotal. Make time for introspection to check in with yourself. 
  • Be viscously consistent. Persistence and tenacity are important. Even if you go off course, do not be deterred; get back at it!
  • Look at what “smart” people do. Get advice, engage them or read about their stories and apply what you can to your own life.
  • Resilience is a super power so keep going no matter what happens. Nothing comes to clarity through a lack of action. Our best teacher is experience whether good or bad.
  • Dedicate at least 15 – 30 minutes on a skill or piece of work every day that can get you closer to your ultimate dream. Weave your goal into your habits. (Practice makes perfect) 

On keeping your sanity:
  • Learn to say No. In fact, no is a complete sentence: You do not need to explain yourself. If it doesn’t serve you or feel in line with your values, respectfully decline.
  • Take long walks or time block alone time (about an hour) that can be used for deep thinking especially for those things you’re experiencing blocks with.

On how you build your network:
  • Always add value to every encounter: Never approach an interview or meeting with a new person as just a job opportunity but rather bring something valuable to the interaction by sharing stories or findings that lead to possible solutions for their industry or a company issue. It will keep you top of mind. 
  • Follow up! This could mean a simple thank you or sharing an interesting article or video about a particular topic from your conversation that will bring things full circle. Being thoughtful costs nothing and will only make your connections more meaningful. 

I really could go on but I think it would serve you better to just join the wave! Choosing the right podcast is much like how you choose your wardrobe, so youve gotta try on a few for size until you find what suits you. As I mentioned above, self –help and entrepreneurship podcasts are more my style. To help you get started, here are a few of my personal faves: 

Being Boss: Every girl boss needs to get familiar with Emily, Kathleen and their guests. Their podcasts feature some really awesome entrepreneurs who share incredible insights on their career and life in general. 

Oprah's Supersoul Sundays + Master Class: Both podcasts feature Oprah's interview with her celebrity friends. While Super Soul Sundays is more geared towards existential questions, self-awareness and spirituality, Master Class gives us a snapshot of the lives of a few famous people whose journey are nothing short of inspiring. 

Cut The Crap: Get an insider on all the books at the top of your reading list, specifically motivational/self-help and entrepreneurship. Very often the host interviews the authors too!

Forbes 30 Under 30: Insightful interviews with entrepreneurs in their 20s who are killing it! If you ever think you are too young to do something, this ones for you.  

Accidental Creative: Todd Henry shares great advice on how to find your unique voice as an entrepreneur 

Happen To Your Career: Everything you need to know and consider to have a fulfilling and happy career.

If you’re already into podcasts, I’d love to know what you’re listening to! 

until next time......
Do Good, Dress Well


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I've been wanting to inject podcasts into my days but didn't know where to start.